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Stats query

  1. Hi I am just wondering if there is a problem with my stats. I checked them at 6am this morning it is now just after noon and the stat number has remained the same. I don't have a huge amount of traffic but this is very unusual. Also the per hour visits shown at the sparkline never seems agree with the actual amount of visitors. I am making an assumption that if the sparkline figure shows say 10 visits per hour that this should eguate to 480 visits in the last 48 hours - have I got this wrong.

    My blog is

    Thank you in advance for your help

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sparkline doesn't tell you about average, but it indicates the highest hits in one hour. If it's showing 10 with an arrow, that means that at any one-hour your blog have recieved a highest 10 hits.

  3. Thank you wpgaurav. I am still wondering why I have had no hits this morning it is unusual - could there be anything wrong with my stats or are people just not reading?

  4. People aren't reading you. :(
    There are many ways to get traffic.

    Write some good articles. Share it to various social networks. Comment on other blogs. Make your networks with other bloggers. ETC. ETC.

  5. Thanks I am doing some of that will try harder- it just seems unusual that everyone stopped reading at once!

  6. I visited your blog, and I hope there would be a slight increase in your stats. :) If no increase, then try clearing cache of your browser. It may be a browser issue!

  7. Some days are notoriously slow - I'm in Australia, so adjust the times for your zone - but I find my Wednesday night/Thursday very slow days.

  8. My stats vary a lot, I sometimes get in the 90s region for views and it can go as low as 25 other days like it did Tuesday. It could be your usual readers are at work/school, mine always picks up within the last 6 hours of the day as that's when everyone is home from work.

  9. Some visits have now show up thanks to you both (wpgaurav and teamoyeniye) for clicking on I guess I will just have to try harder. Good luck with your blogging.

  10. I've noticed a huge decrease in stats over the past week, so I'm wondering if the new Google algorithm might be negatively affecting bloggers. Normally I don't care much about stats, but going from around 130 views per day to a steady 40 has been pretty discouraging.

  11. Thanks for taking the time to leave that infomation.

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