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    Since WordPress moved the stats page to from our dashboard page, they are taking much, much longer to load.

    Will this change in the future or do we have to put up with this lesser performance?

    The blog I need help with is



    I use Firefox 13.0.1 and I don’t experience and slower loading time than I did before. Which browser and version of it are you using?


    IE9. Everything else works just fine and the blog itself still loads and goes to new pages as quickly as ever. It is only when I head off into that things slow down.



    Are you running IE9 in compatibility mode? Doing that means it renders as IE7 and IE7 is not supported.


    I wasn’t in compatibility mode. Did just move into that and tried to see what would happen — page took virtually the same time to load in both versions. The interesting thing is that it is only the original connect into the Stats page that is a problem (and even that, I must admit, is minor, but still annoying given how easy it was to access stats before).

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