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Stats question: "homepage" and "archives"

  1. Hello,

    I'm trying to make sense of my stats, and am confused over the difference between views for "Home page" and views for "Home page / Archives."

    Thanks very much for any advice

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Correction: I'm sorry , maybe I was not clear. I'm wondering why there are separate stats for "Home" and "Home Page /Archives". Shouldn't Home and Homepage be the same?

  3. @omeglasohbet - IS a WordPress.COM blog so the question is proper to ask here -

    please provide accurate answers or no answers

  4. Thank you, auxclass.

    I'm still curious about the difference between "Home" and "Home page/Archives" in the Stats, because I often see different numbers for each and I'm not sure what people are actually looking at.

    Any answers appreciated.

  5. I am not sure - I just looked at my stats for the last 3+ years and only see

    Home page / Archives

    "Archives" is a fancy term for anything that is not on the front page.

    Just a technical note about Pages & Posts - they don't really exist! They are generated by calls to a Database and the only Pages & Posts that exist are the ones that you see on your browser

  6. That's interesting. On my Stats page under "Title" i often see "Home" with numbers then under that, "Home page / Archives", with other numbers, then other posts under that.
    Thanks for the tech advice too.

  7. you are welcome - maybe someone else will pitch in with more help

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