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Stats refresh rate

  1. What is the refresh rate of the stats page? I'm getting likes on posts, but the stats page indicates that I haven't gotten any views for those posts. Also, the views count sometimes doesn't increase until a few hours later and the visitor count sometimes stays at 1 until the next day, even though I know for a fact that multiple people have viewed my blog within the time that I check it.
    Is this just failing to clear its cache?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. People can like something without visiting your site - sorry can't explain the many ways

    The page count should be fairly current - the people thing can take a few hours (I have seen 2 or 3 hrs - sometimes a bit longer referenced in the forum - the staff is working on speeding this part up - I personally find it amusing - 1 visitor from 5 countries with 15 page views - early in the morning)

  3. Ah yes, from the Reader and such. Of course!
    The 1 visitor from multiple countries is also one of the things I've noticed.

    Thank you! I think that answers my question.

  4. You be welcome - don't get hung up on numbers - look at trends - all stats are a best estimate - filtering out of bots and such - I used to have a .ORG install and had three stats packages on the same server - they never really matched for counts - trends yes

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