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    I’m on the east coast of the US so in the settings of my blog, I’ve got the Timezone set to UTC -5. All of my blog posts are showing up with correct timestamps, but every day my stats reset at 7 pm, which is the normal UTC time.

    What have I missed? What do I need to change so that my stats are on the right timezone?


    WordPress.COM backend a stats run on GMT/UTC since people all over the world use wordpress. You still get 24 hours of stats.

    The settings under settings > general for UTC offset only affect your blog publishing times.


    ahhh. Okay. I knew I was still getting 24 hrs, I’m just a perfectionist so I wanted it all to be in sync. Thanks for the answer.


    You’re very welcome.



    I have a question. I usually post around 8:30 at night. And so I feel like I can never get an accurate read on my stats, since it’s already the next day, according to my stats… Is there any way around this?



    Please provide a link to your blog when asking questions in the forums and link it to your user name as explained in the sticky, 8 Things, at the top of the forums.

    And as noted above, your stats *are* accurate. They represent a 24 hour period. There is nothing that you can change.


    if you switch to a self-hosted wordpress blog can you get your stats in your own time and not UTC/GMT???


    If you use a stats program like Google Analytics, Statcounter or Sitemeter, yes you can set the time zones and it will honor those for the stats. If you get the wordpress blog stats plugin for your stats, you will still be on UTC/GMT just like here since the stats work out of wordpress.COM.

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