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Stats Rollover Time

  1. Ok, I know that stats are supposed to roll over as the clock passes 00:00 UTC, which, given that I'm on CST (UTC minus 6 hrs) means that my stats should roll over as the clock passes 6:00 pm. I'm sitting here at 7:42 pm and my stats have not rolled over for today. This happened to me yesterday too, and the day or so before that... it was well past that and they hadn't rolled over. I've also noticed (because I happen to be spending a lot of time online today as compared to other days this past couple of weeks) that my stat numbers in the various blog stats areas in my dashboard (Top Posts & Pages Today/Yesterday and Referrers Today/Yesterday) have remained the same for more than an hour... which is not possible since I know I've had visitors.

    Is anyone else having these weirdly things happen to them? I am going to watch this and possibly send in a support ticket, but did want to know if others have experienced the same things or if I'm on my own with this.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Stats now roll over according to the time you have set under settings > general.

  3. Ok, thanks... checked that and it tells me my stats are set to roll over at 8:13 pm. Oddly, I used a calculator found online to figure out what UTC was compared to mine and that's where I obviously erred.

    Glad I asked before sending in a support ticket.

    Maybe I've just been away too long and I've gotten stupid in the time since? LOL.

  4. Ok wait.. no.. I am stupid.

    Here's what I found at the settings > general tab:

    UTC time is 2:18 am UTC -6 is 8:18 pm

    Ok, so indeed, it was 8:18 when I checked and that meant it was 2:18 UTC time. My stats had not rolled over yet and being 2:18 am, they should've. So I was right the first time and something is wonky.

  5. Here was the announcement by staff: .

    If it isn't turning over correctly at midnight your time with your time offset correctly set, contact staff.

  6. Oh... ok... I see. I've really had to ignore my blog since April, and while I've occasionally posted something, hadn't paid attention to announcements or stats or anything, so don't remember ever actually reading that announcement.

    I'll check at midnight (my time)... and that makes sense to me now.

    Thanks so much! You should get cookies.

  7. Midnight came and went and all is right with the fraccy blog. I'm marking this resolved. Thanks again!

  8. You're welcome.

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