STATs still not loading properly

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    I was looking in Forums and saw you were presented with this problem so I am writing to see how this issue, which I am also experiencing, can be rectified. Each time I click on the STAT graph at the top of my Blog post page, it brings me to the STAT Page with no problem, but the page itself does not load properly. Everything on the STAT Page appears except for the STAT graph. Instead the WordPress logo W appears with a swirling circle around it and never loads the actual graph. I noticed this happening since yesterday, 6/13/12. Can you let me know what this problem is and if it being corrected on the WordPress end or if I need to do anything in particular to get it loading properly?

    I use Firefox. I have cleared my cookies and caches and the issue still remains.

    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Same problem here.

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