stats tweak (minor but useful!)

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    The number of total views – per post or per category – tells me almost nothing.

    Actually useful would be a post’s total number of views **per day**. I’m calculating this by hand right now.

    That lets me actually know which posts draw readers!

    The blog I need help with is



    Similarly, the number of reads a post has gotten **per day** is far more informative than the total number, which is a meaningless metric.

    My other wp blog goes back years, and of course the posts that have been around longer tend to have vastly more clicks than the recent ones.

    Now it would be very useful to size up my old posts and see what is actually drawing people in.

    And I’d imagine it’d be a really easy fix. ‘A’course, I’m sure you genius programmer types have all kinds of things you really do have to do, that keep you busy.



    Hi conradcook–you can see the views per day of any post/ page if you click on the magnifying glass icon between the “title” column and the “views” column…though you have to click on one post at a time, cant directly compare all the posts at a glance…

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