stats unusual in last few weeks?

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    Hi, I’ve been wondering about the drop in my stats for last few weeks. Is anyone else noticing the drop and/or find things unusual?

    If you look at my quantcast, you’ll see that my blog has been averaging 18-19K per week, but all of a sudden it dropped to averaging 13-15K in last four weeks duration.

    Just checking to see if the mod/admins here can share a word or two. Or if anyone else is seeing similar trend? From my audience’s perspective, I am not anticipating any change.

    The blog I need help with is



    Here’s the quantcast

    The bar may not tell a whole lot because it is showing weekly trend, but if you zero in on daily experience, it becomes aggravating to see such a drop.



    I have noticed for about 3 weeks a drop from 2-3k per day to sub 1k, while my subscribers have increased. I was running 75-90K a month and will be 50% less for sure. No particular past posts have fallen off the radar that I can see.



    Thanks for adding your voice. Hopefully support is watching all these separate threads on what appears to be a similar issue.



    It’s Google. Google image search used to be my #1 referrer. Now it’s Yahoo, which is dying. They changed something that manages to downgrade all WordPress blogs. I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do except beg for incoming links.



    There are three things that may or may not be related to your issue.
    Google did an Image Search Redesign that impacted many sites (some negatively and some positively).
    Google did Penguin and Panda updates.
    Google did a page rank update.

    I tagged this thread for a Staff follow-up. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.



    Google search and Google image search is indeed my first two top referrer but is there a way to see a decline? I look at 7/30/Quarter/Yearly stats and I don’t see a way to distinguish the downward trend.

    This is one of the reason why I am hoping WP can provide some explanation because they probably see more than what we see as bloggers?



    I took a look at your weekly stats, and while I do see a very slight dip in your stats over the past two months, they have started to come back as of just last week.

    Keep in mind that humans are visiting your blog, not machines, so fluctuations are to be expected. There really is no such thing as “usual stats.”

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