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Stats won't load

  1. My stats are not loading on the WordPress app for my iphone 4s since 7/11/12
    Blog url:

  2. Do the load if you use this link?

  3. They Do, but it's within the WordPress app for my iPhone that they don't. Thanks for the help! P

  4. For the iphone wordpress app, you need to inquire over at

  5. I cannot for the life of me get the bar graph working on WordPress - Jetpack - Stats. The information loads and you can mouse over where the graph is supposed to be and the mouse gives information, but all the bars are gone. It works flawlessly on the laptop running Chrome or IE but works on neither on this desktop, any ideas?

  6. I have disabled all extensions/addons and even re-installed Chrome to no avail. I'm stumped.

  7. We Volunteers provide answers to questions about free hosted blogs. We don't provide JetPack support and every weekend it seems Staff redirects the JetPack support link to this forum. m The long and the short of this is we cannot help you. I flagged the thread for Staff attention. Please be patient while waiting for them to resopnd.
    JetPack FAQs
    JetPack support page
    JetPack support tickets

  8. If you're running any firewalls, anti-virus, or other security software, please try temporarily disabling those to see if it makes any difference.

  9. I have tried it with firewall, no firewall, antivirus, no antivirus, anti-malware, no anti-malware, I don't get it. It works beautiful on the laptop and not here. Both even have ATI video.

  10. I have tried un-installing, re-installing, the plugin and even the whole jetpack, no dice.

  11. Which browser (and version of) have you tried on the computer that doesn't work?

  12. Google Chrome version 20.0.1132.57 m

  13. Would you please check in a different browser, like Firefox?

  14. I have checked in every browser except Firefox and it wouldn't work. It worked in Firefox. Now I'm really scratching my head.

  15. Which other browsers did you check in, and would you please list their versions as well?

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