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stats wrong?

  1. I registered a new blog today: and it shows 70 visits for today, 70 visits all time record, and 68 total? How can that be?

    Here is a screen shot:

  2. I've seen my stats do weird-not-even-possible things before. I did a forced reload, sometimes more than once, and it would resolve itself. (ctrl F5). Try that and see if it straightens out.

  3. now it says:

    Total Views: 71

    Best Day Ever: 69 — Saturday, January 19, 2008

    Views today: 69

    Even though its my blog's first day :|

  4. if it's the blog you have linked to your user name at the moment, I'm not all that surprised. that's a really nice blog. Is it a different one that you are referring to?

  5. i was talking about this one:

  6. yea, I noticed as soon as I hit the 'send post' button that you had included which blog you were referring to. Sorry for my oversight. So used to bloggers not providing their blog url when asking for help.

    You have a lot of posts on your first day, and on one steady subject that is of interest to a set of readers. Good job with your stats on your first day, you'll have two nice blogs!

  7. thanks but the problem remains... if stats are wrong from the first day, it means they get really messed up after a while

  8. I don't see anything wrong with them now.

    Total Views: 71

    Best Day Ever: 69 — Saturday, January 19, 2008

    Views today: 69

    The first two would be from when you first set up the blog. After that your blog won't recognize you as being a hit anymore as long as your are signed in. You're ok. Remember the "time" may be different from your own as well. Like I'm in the United States on the East coast, so wordpress is 5 hours ahead of me. It will be tomorrow 5 hours sooner on wordpress than where I sit.

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