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    I have started my blog on my own with the FREE WORDPRESS blog account. Its a free blog that wordpress gives. I am too good, I know. :p Only if I knew how to do what.


    Sorry for my very little knowledge about anything HTML or whatever.

    I have wordpress and I just know how to write and click enter and post.

    I wanted to install statscounter on my wordpress blog. I have the stats counter code with me. But I don’t know where to insert that code in my wordpress file because I do not see the place as statscounter asks me to insert it between:


    Page Content


    Where can I see the above things in my wordpress.
    ? I am using Andreas09 1.5 by Ainslie Johnson.

    Thank you in advance for helping. Remember that I have zero knowlegdge so give me all the steps.

    Cheers and Ciao.



    thr’s a blog stats widget which you can use in your blog as well, but it only mentions your overall hits, nothing specific. i’m not sure whr you can insert your stats code, maybe in a text widget?


    I do not know where I can insert that. Please help me someone.



    Unfortunately, you can’t insert that code because doesn’t allow you to edit raw HTML. But if you go to your dashboard and click on presentation, then sidebar widgets, you can drag the “blog stats” widget from the widget list on the left to the sidebar box on the right, which will put a basic counter on your blog for you.



    There’s an FAQ that covers how to add a counter from SiteMeter. Maybe there’s a simular method with the stat counter system you are using.



    Could use a text widget in your sidebar and paste the code into that. That’s what I do.



    That’s what the FAQ says to do. :)

    Most of the Stat system require some form of JavaScript though and since those get stripped, we usually have to come up with a different method for them to get to work.

    J., if you state what system you are using, we might be able to come up with a solution for you. :)



    First of all I must say my english is not very good so please, forgive me if I’m not able to explain correctly what I’m trying to say.

    I’ve tried site meter through the blog roll system but it seems to me that it is very simple.

    I opened an account in stat counter and I took just the html code that I copied on to a text widget. I think it is working. I’ll tell you within some days what’s going on.

    Best regards and keep doing this great job.



    Looks like its working to me. :)



    I really don’t understand how to add statcounter to my blog. I don’t see the “text widget”
    Please somebody help me!



    Go to your Dashboard, then into your Presentation, and then click Sidebar Widgets. There you can arrange your sidebar and drag widgets to there. To open a widget to place the codes, click where these lines are:

    You can then put the code for a clickable image in that widget but take the urls that Stat Counter gave you. The code for a clickable image is here:

    Then close the widget and save it. But cut and save the code in the widget just in case it doesn’t go through the first time. It will take a few minutes to show on your main page.

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