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  1. Hi

    When you look at your stats and look at the stats for 'Referrer', I get that if it tells me Google, its means someone did a search etc. But what if it says '' does that mean that someone subscribed to be emailed when I update my blog/comment or something else?

    Sorry, only just starting to get back into blogging and learning it all again!

    thanks for any help
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  2. therattlingdoor

    Yes it means someone either subscribed to your blog and has clicked through to your blog after receiving the email, or someone subscribed, for instance in Google Reader, to perhaps a topic you have added on your blog, and again clicked through after their email update.

  3. Ahh great thanks for that, and for responding so quickly!


  4. therattlingdoor

    You're welcome, and thanks for clicking resolved :)

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