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Status of my wordads application

  1. Hi
    I would like to have an update over my application for wordads.
    I have applied a month ago and yet to receive a notification on the same.
    Could you please guide me on how to handle this situation!
    My blog id is:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This thread is flagged for WordAds Staff attention. Note that it's a long weekend and be patient while waiting.

  3. Sure I could wait :) Thanks for the reply.

  4. I believe the holiday season is long over! Can some one update me with the status please.

  5. Guess I won't be getting an answer for this query anytime soon!

  6. I'm sorry but it appears there's only one employee answering all these WordAds accounts questions.

  7. OMG! #Faint !!!

  8. Knock Knock!! WordPress are you awake!

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