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    Hey, check out this break thru product- super web secret at [link removed]. It really help me to clear part of my credit card bill within a month!Not only that, but it also help me to generate more income on top of my basic income.



    How to get booted from this domain:
    1 – register a blog called $$ How to make money $$
    2 – Spam the forum with garbage links that show just what you will put on the above blog.



    Now, boys and girls, I want you all to listen to Uncle Mark and learn an important lesson. Don’t spam in the forums or you’ll get sent to bed without any dinner. :)

    What’s really annoying is that the poster is coming in from Singapore and almost all of their connection comes through one group of IP addresses that aren’t labeled. There’s really no way to track down what ISP this came from. Sort of like all the cable modems being labeled as ‘cable modems’ instead of Comcast, RR, etc.

    Hmm, I wonder what part of their credit card payment got covered. The cents maybe? :)



    “It help me look like moron in front of 500,000 WordPress users” as well.



    Actually I’m waiting to see if my ex ever posts in here. Won’t that be fun? She says she has a blog.

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