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    hi – i’d like to set up footer widgets on my contact page. i’d like the “my community” and “recent comments” widgets to show up beneath the photo & soon-to-be text. is this possible, and if so how do i do it? thanks! emily

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi, first before I forget, I suggest turning off comments on your contact page so it won’t confuse visitors when they come to the page. Also, spammers scan the web looking for email addresses, so I would suggest not posting your email address, but instead use the Contact Form feature provides. It is very flexible and the contacts will be run through the Akismet spam filter to help keep them from getting to you.

    Stay, on static pages, such as your Contact page, has widget areas to the left and right of the content. You could put the my community and recent comments widget in the right or left sidebar, and then they can be moved down below the content, but to do that you have to use absolute positioning, which means those widgets will no longer flow as they should in the responsive design, so they could ride up on top of the content on tablets or smart phones.

    If you would like to put those into your one of the sidebars, and then use the widget visibility function to limit the display of those widgets to the contact page, and then let me know, I can see if I can move them down below the content and somehow keep them from going crazy on smaller width screens.



    hi @thesacredpath

    thanks for the feedback on comments/email and bringing my awareness to the contact form. that is much better.

    i put the community and recent comments in the primary & secondary sidebars and made them visible on the contact page. ideally if i could have one under the other (or side-by-side), directly under the contact form – that would be great.

    also – does the “follow blog” widget do anything that the “like” button doesn’t do?

    warmly –


    Hi, I’ve tried a few different things and due to the way this theme works, things go awry continuously when the sidebars are moved down below the content on the contact page with them overlapping each other and getting out of position.

    My suggestion, although not what you are looking for is to leave them in the sidebars.



    was hoping for a more clean layout. another try – is there some way to place the widgets within the white text box that the contact form is in, instead of in the sidebars?

    can you tell me why i can’t turn off the like button in meet 2 and meet 3?

    thanks –


    To turn on likes on an individual page, open the page in the page editor, scroll down to the very bottom and uncheck “Show Likes” and update the page.

    On the widgets, no matter where they are moved, there is the same issue. To move them you have to use position: absolute and that means the widgets float in relationship to bulk of the page elements so they no longer flow and move with the other page elements in a responsive width theme.



    hi @thesacredpath

    ok about the widgets – thanks for trying.

    if anyone else is confused about how to turn off the like button, you need to go to the the page you need to edit, make sure screen options has likes & share enabled (check the box) – then go down to the bottom and turn off likes & shares.

    thanks for all your help!


    You are welcome.

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