Stay theme- Mine looks nothing like it

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    I was under the impression that did not require lots of coding as opposed to but I find myself unable to recreate the look of even the free themes. I activate them and all of the places to put images are gone! I want a big three picture slideshow like the home page of the Stay theme but I don’t see a widget that does that! Please help!

    The blog I need help with is



    You don’t need code to do this, but with the newer configurable themes you do have to jump through some hoops. Check the posts on the Stay tag in the themes forum for tips

    Also, that’s not a widget. You need to be clear about your terms, because if you’re looking for theme options under Widgets instead of Appearance on your dashboard, you’re going to waste a lot of time.


    You will need to configure the theme to look like the one in the demo. The demo is using the “home page template” which cycles through select top level pages on your site. You will have to create a page called “home” (or whatever you want your main page to be labeled) and then set that page as the static front page for your site. If you want a blog page also to show your posts,

    There is more information on setting things up on the theme description page at .


    Oh okay I understand now. I was confused because the home slider option wasn’t available in the customizer, but that was because I hadn’t selected home in attributes. I get it now!

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