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Staying anonymous

  1. I changed my username, but you are still able to find my blog by google searching the old username. My username is my real name, and I would like to remain anonymous. How do I change this setting?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can't change the history of the internet. If you used another name previously in places that are public on the web, that's going to be in the search engines. I mean, your blog URL is your real name.

    If you truly want to be anonymous, abandon this account entirely, register a throwaway gmail address as Skippytheklingon @ or something, and start fresh with a whole new account, new blog, new username.

  3. thanks for your reply. My username and blog url are not the same and I didn't realize that you could get to my blog two ways: and There's no way to delete the latter path? Even though my username is no longer the same?

  4. Yes, I'm sorry.

  5. is the only user account that is active on that blog right now. But search engines like I said, will have a record of the old username and will hang on to it for six months or so.

    But I really am not getting this. Your first and last names are right there at the top of your About page. They are in your URL. How can you possibly be worried about an old username?

  6. Ok, I didn't know that they did that. Thanks! Raffaella Mastrangelo is not my real name.

  7. Oh, okay then.

  8. Is it at all possible to change the url of a wordpress blog? I wanted to keep it, but change the url so that it doesn't have my last name.

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