Stealing Photos and crediting them to someone else!

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    I found out when one blog post linked to an earlier one. It’s a photo of a famous football stadium so I can see whey someone might want to take it.

    A sentence appeared above my photo on the blog post ‘..Thorne? … Credited to : xxx’

    How do I stop this happening?

    Can I do anything to get that credit off my blog post?

    Thanks. BTW I’m a newbie and not in any way technical so would be grateful for step-by-step instructions.

    The blog I need help with is



    Are you saying you are the copyright holder of the photo, and another blog has taken and used it against your will? We need a link to the exact post.


    Hi Raincoaster thanks for your reply.

    Photocredits are now being claimed on every post I make that has a featured image. The photos are all mine as I took them.


    I found this one as the guy referenced his own UK website, so I’ve emailed him. I’d appreciate it if you could tell me how to get rid of the photocredit.


    Photo is now captioned:
    “Privately owned Public Space Potluck 1 (photocredit urbanomnibus)”

    (photocredit Reza Vaziri)

    I found this code below in my content. Are these people registering my photo on and that’s how it is getting back?

    [caption id="" align="alignright" width="75" caption="read my lips (Photo credit: Reza Vaziri)"]<img class=”zemanta-img-inserted zemanta-img-configured” title=”read my lips” src=”” alt=”read my lips” width=”75″ height=”75″ />[/caption]

    I want it to continue as a photoblog but not if other people take credit for my photos!
    Any information on how to a) get their names off the photocredit b) how I put my own on and c) how to stop them taking any more is appreciated.



    I am not following you. WHAT photo credit?

    Give me the link to one photo post on your site and then the link to the same photo on his site.



    I need some understanding here. Which site is YOURS and which site is HIS. To make this as clear as possible (because so far things are very vague), please put the word “MINE” on the same line with your site name, and “HIS” on the same line with his site name. So far all I see is one site and it looks like yours even though you seem to be saying it is his. That is confusing.

    Your username in the comments links to the “” so one would normally assume that is yours. Then the 3 post URLs you provided are on your site? Did you not make those posts?

    I’m wanting to see where the photos are being used wrongly.


    I think maybe he is using Zemanta’s photo feature, where Zemanta will insert a photo for you. Zemanta also inserts a photo credit back to the source of the image.

    Maybe the OP is trying to link to images using Zemanta without the credit? That’s like stealing.


    Oh, my bad. I didn’t see that the OP said he took the pictures himself.

    Anyway, I still think it has to do with him pulling his own photos of Zemanta or something, because he pasted a Zemanta embed link. The problem might be that someone else is uploading the pictures to Flickr as the OP has suspected, because I saw the flickr references in the links above too.



    Yes, someone has clearly uploaded the image to Flickr under a CC license. Those are the only Flickr images Zemanta pulls. But until we get an exact link to the same photo on the two different sites we can’t determine who is responsible; the person with the blog or the person with the Flickr, or even if they’re the same person.


    Why would the OP be using Zemanta to get their own photos on there anyway? Why not just direct embed it or use the upload functions?

    Guess we will have to wait for for information.


    I’ll try and explain and you can tell me whether it’s allowed.
    Raincoaster, the problem is that the credit is attached to the photo and goes into John Doe blogger’s post every time he uses that photo. You can’t see it on my published blogpost.
    And I guess the reason there are no links to anyone else’s site is because the photo has been taken at an earlier stage. He doesn’t need links if he has aready got the credit.
    Raincoaster, please explain what a CC license is …”Yes, someone has clearly uploaded the image to Flickr under a CC license.”

    The credit to another person shows up in a one-liner in a small white box above the photo. Currently you see it in a blog’s CMS. Process is that Zemanta shows articles for me to link to a post I’m writing. One of the articles is one of my previous blogs that contains that photo. When I click on it, up comes the photo with the credit to someone else. When any John Doe blogger uses that photo, they will see the credit with the name of that person and not mine. How do I correct it please?

    Motre, sorry I didn’t want to advertise my blog. I thought you would know my site is . I made the posts and the photos. Someone else is taking credit for the photos. Hey, I love pingbacks and trackbacks. I’d just like to protect my photos. What if I uploaded them all to a site and put them up for sale? Is that the best way to protect them? I’m amazed anyone wants them.

    Rglee98 I’m not using Zemanta to access my own photos. I thought it was a good thing to add other bloggers’ posts to my own, that it was about publicizing other members’ posts and helping them get more exposure. On my Hearingwellbeing blog you will just see the picture. I’ve just found that you can copy it with one click. Can you tell me how to stop that?

    Rglee I do use the upload function. Can you tell me how to embed it? Is that more secure? You’re all investing me with technical knowledge that I don’t have. Integrity is everything to me and taking something that belongs to someone else is not something I would ever do. Maybe these people have taken the credits by mistake? I just want to know how to get them back.

    Thanks for your replies. Your input is going to help me sort it.



    Hearingwellbeing: I think you’re still misunderstanding what the volunteers are asking for. The three links you’ve provided are confusing and your explanation hasn’t really cleared it up.

    Re “Cup Final Day” – please provide a link here to the picture ON ANOTHER SITE, NOT YOURS, so the volunteers can see the improper credit in action.

    Re “Public Pot Luck” – are you saying that you’ve put your own photo up on your site, and the credit that appears here…:

    …is the wrong one? If so, what should it say?

    Re “Lip reading: Glass of Ice” – are you saying the photo credit for Reza Vaziri (appearing underneath the little B&W thumbnail of the model at a fashion show) is incorrect? If so, what should it say?

    I’m not a volunteer here, but I think clarifying these points will help them get your problem sorted.


    Hi again

    I have uploaded the Cup Final photo to Flickr and will upload the others. Flickr will be able to see that the source is mine. Now I wait to see what happens.

    Anything you can suggest, would be good.




    Is it the case you do not actually know of another blog with the same images, and are only complaining about this based on the wrong credits being used?

    Google Image Search does have a tool to look for like images. Maybe that would help. I’ve already used that tool before and it seems to work. I don’t know how thorough it is (e.g. how widely it has indexed images).


    Nixonradio, thanks for your comment. It’s not about another blogger putting the photo on their blog. This is much more insidious. The photo is copied immediately the blogpost goes up and someone else puts their name on the featured image as credit for it. I took all of the featured image photos.

    Now someone has changed the misused credit from the featured image photo to the image inserted into the blogpost. You wouldn’t recognise this except here:

    Look under the ‘No Entry’ sign. I contacted Wensum and they are mystified. I fully expect this to have disappeared by the time you read this. The day after I posted here, the featured image photos were credited to Wikipedia. I didn’t upload them. Can you suggest a way to protect future photos? It doesn’t matter where these current photos have gone.

    I’m asking for some form of protection for taking a photo and uploading it to WordPress. If it is happening to me it is happening to hundreds of people. I don’t want to use second-rate photos because of a dork thinking they can take the credit.
    What can you suggest I do to protect future photos?


    Ah Motre, I should reply here as well. Yes it’s about wrong credits being applied. Thanks for the suggestion about Google Image Search. I tried that and didn’t find any of them. I really don’t want to get involved with wrongful credits on Wikipedia and Flickr. I want to stop it happening here. If possible. Your comments appreciated.



    I’ve flagged this for staff attention.



    I’ve flagged this for staff attention. Presumably they will follow up.


    Thanks for your input. It’s really appreciated.

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