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    I am hoping to:

    – edit the area of the blog that contains the blog title “Productive” to also include a custom photo.
    – remove the search bar on my homepage.
    – replace the comments widget that appears on my pages, with my series of other widgets selected for my homepage, or a customizable list of different widgets for each page.
    – make small changes to the color and thickness of lines separating the different sections of the theme.

    If this means edit custom CSS then would anyone be able to advise me on what codes I will need to learn to make these specific changes?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!




    The blog I need help with is


    1. Image where blog title is: Requires CSS upgrade and CSS editing experience

    2. Search bar: Requires CSS upgrade and CSS editing experience

    3. Replace comment form with widgets: Not possible. This is coded into the PHP script files in the theme and we cannot alter those.

    4. Changes to lines: Requires CSS upgrade and CSS editing experience

    There are only a couple of use with CSS experience, so although we can help you with these things, we are not always around so it may be a while before we show up to answer your questions. Make sure and post them in the CSS forum here so that it is easier for us to find them.



    Thank you for the help and direction! I will either learn it or find someone to help.




    You are welcome.

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