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Stephen King books

  1. Whats your favorite Stephen King book?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The Shining!

  3. Yes, I second The Shining!

  4. dysfunctionalliteracy

    Different Seasons. Two pretty good movies came out of this book (Shawshank Redemption and Stand by Me... those weren't the titles of the stories though), and those stories still hold up today. I agree that The Shining is probably King's best novel, but I enjoyed The Stand (the original, not the extended director's cut) the most.

  5. The Stand (extended).

  6. Misery

  7. As much as I love King, I've never read The Shining. Probably because I saw the movie first, though no doubt the book is better (still, you have to love Jack Nicholson for what he did there). The book I enjoyed reading the most was deifinitely It, though King did screw up the ending a lot. I remember being honestly scared while reading it, but then again - I was younger. The book wasn't thought through though, I had the feeling that King himself wasn't sure how he wanted to finish the book and kind of went with the flo. When it comes to mapping out the story, I think he did an awesome job with Needful Things - the way everything adds up is pretty amazing. I also remember enjoying Christine a lot, probably because of how I grew to care for the characters.

  8. Desperation I guess. I've read The Talisman and Insomnia several times, that makes them stand out. Best movie ever done by King's book is Misery. I love The Mist too, Dolores is awesome - love Cathy Bates

  9. He didn't write the screenplay for it but "Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption" was made into the film, "The Shawshank Redemption," which, IMO, is almost perfectly written. He also wrote a little paperback book, "On Writing," which I had fun reading. He's sweet in that book when he talks about his wife and he's got all this great biographical stuff. Also want to say ... I think he said (?) or someone in the industry said that "The Stand" was his best? I know that's subjective.

  10. The Stand: Complete and Uncut Edition.

    2nd would be the Dark Tower Series.

  11. Just finished the Stand (extended version) Great story, is it much different from the original?

    I love IT the most. It was my first introduction to King's story's. I remember the story having a very dark and specific sphere that really attracted me and kept me reading, but boy did they messed up the movie.. Now I am reading The Tommyknockers. Love it already. What I like about King is that he makes such large story's often with so many characters. His imagination is endless. A great inspiration to me.

  12. Too many!!!

    let's see...
    The Stand
    Under The Dome
    Green Mile
    The Shining
    On Writing

    So far...that's it

  13. silvershadowfly

    I simply cannot choose between The Green Mile and Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption. Utterly brilliant reads and his writing is exceptional. I love the format of The Green Mile as well, since it started out as a series of publications for the newspapers.

    The Shining is a very good read, but in the film adaptation they ruined the ending. Why have a building in a snowstorm instead of a fire? Guess the latter is more expensive... still annoyed me though,

    'Cell' is also quite a good read, and for several days afterwards I was actually afraid to use my phone... I know silly right? But that's what King does so well.

  14. Cujo

  15. @silvershadowfly Ah yes, Cell is also my favorite. Same with you I started looking at people who were using cellphone around me thinking what will happen if they turned into zombie ;)

  16. silvershadowfly


    Haha I did the same! It does make you think though, I mean if all the smartphones were to start a revolution so that when we downloaded any apps it would download straight into our head and turn us into crazed zombies... it's just damn freaky.

    Didn't they once say they were putting microchips in children so that if they went missing they could 'track' them, or did I just imagine that?

  17. @silvershadowfly

    Yeah and not only In children. My guess is that my Queen (Dutch) and many other "to important to go on the run" people in the world have them somewhere in there body.

    The Cell is kind of a freaky worst case scenario indeed. While not that extreme it still could be that the signal of cellphones makes our brain weaker? I will never fully trust those things.

  18. Microchips are already in dogs and cats. Mine has one. And we have GTS, a global tracking system. Satelites can detect positioning. And IMO, crazed zombies are what most people have already turned into, brainwashed by a society that doesn't encourage individuality... Twilight Zone music in the background...

  19. silvershadowfly


    It makes me think if we've got them in our bodies and we don't even know about them. Well the radioactivity in the phones hardwiring causes the brain to slow over time - but people may just put that down to 'old age'. It's like when a woman is pregnant, the radioactive particles affect the baby, so maybe we'll be popping out children that are either have an immunity to it, or on the other hand, it starts killing them.


    Yeah that's true, GTS is a bit weird. I still don't like the fact that Google Maps has street view and that some of my friends are featured on it... plus we can see where all our friends are as well with downloading an app/having a smartphone.

    We are already in Orwell's 1984.

  20. silver,
    It's everywhere. The stuff that scares me the most is people's disregard, people's silence, people's willingness to just go along. The crazy belief that if our government okays it, it must be okay. The so-called "advances" in technology, coupled with what science is doing with genetics --that's freaky. Go into a grocery store and you'll find things like "pluots" -not a food put here by Nature, a food put here by man. A cross between a plumb and an apricot. And people buy them. Why? Because they're in the "food" section. People don't realize they're being used as guinea pigs. That's genetically modified organisms. And maybe it won't hurt us, but where do you draw the line? Farm animals have their genes manipulated. There are patents on farm animals. Patents on plants, for God's sake.

  21. silvershadowfly

    Pluots!? What the heck! That's just surreal.

    I don't think food is no longer 'food' anymore. There are too many additives, e numbers and other crap that we don't know about that's going into our food. They say it's 'organic' and they say it's got good things in it, but have they really?

    We'll be taking a leaf out of Back to the Future soon and putting hand size frozen pizzas in the microwave to produce big, 'fresh' and hot pizzas.

  22. Do you eat corn, potatoes, soy, canola, chicken, beef, pork, sodapop? Do you read the labels on the packaged foods you buy and see "high fructose corn syrup?" That's all genetically modified -unless it is organic. Is it safe? Probably but for how long? In the UK, they restrict this stuff; they won't allow it in their stores. In the US, we eat it. We're probably not going to die from it, but it certainly isn't healthy, and God only knows how far they're going to take it and how far we'll allow it to exist.

    When it comes to plants, "organic" is difficult b/c all it takes is wind to blow GMO's into an organic crop and make them not organic. And then you'll get sued for having the wind blow into your organic crop.

    Read here:

    (Go to any grad school or undergraduate school teaching students 'environmentalism.' All the professors know this story.)

  23. I take it back -meat is not safe. That's another story. = (

  24. @silvershadowfly

    Yeah could be true that we have those chips already in our body's.. Who knows maybe they are given to us when we line up for another flu vaccination or so..

    I wonder what all of this brings us in the future. Cell phones, Microwaves, Laptops, genetically modified food etc. It is all still very new right.. Who knows what the effect will be on the long term. Coming back to the Stephen King, story's like the Stand really scare me because how big is the change that a virus like that really breaks out.

    Maybe because of all that messing around with animals, brains and pluot's.. the future will bring us flesh eating apricots, Giant mutant monster plants, zombie flu and what more..

    The horror..
    Better start building it: first zombie proof house

  25. silvershadowfly


    You're so informative! :)
    Yeah organic is quite a tricky term to pin down, because as you said it's easy for the GMO lot to come over with the changing of the winds.

    I guess we should just stick to what we know (even if it will eventually kill us or spawn a new clone of us...)


    I'd quite like to see giant mutant monster plants - they would probably look like the big piranha eating flowers in Mario. Hehe.

  26. @silvershadowfly

    So it is going to be a future of trowing turtle shells, eating mushrooms and riding green mutant dinosaurs, yeah I like that idea ^^

  27. michaelcargill

    The Stand was very good and I also enjoyed The Tommyknockers, though many people don't rate that one very highly.

    Not a fan of the Dark Tower or Gunslinger stories. From a Buick 8 was good in places but overall was pretty awful.

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