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Steps to Change One Domain Mapping to Another & Keeping Blog Contents Intact

  1. Background:
    1. Created blog on
    2. Purchased and mapped a domain name ("DOMAIN A")I already owned. Worked fine.
    3. Then found a better domain name I'd like to use instead ("DOMAIN B") and purchased it (not from

    1. Can I change the domain mapping from the old domain ("DOMAIN A") to the new domain ("DOMAIN B") without losing the blog content?
    2. Since I only purchased the domain mapping option less than a week ago, and do NOT want to keep the domain mapping for the old domain ("DOMAIN A"), can I do this for a credit? (If I can't, no big deal. I'll pay the $10. I just want to know the process.)
    3. How do I "unhook" the old domain mapping?

    Thanks in advance for your help

  2. These would be requests that might be changed, but they would be done directly by staff intervention. Send them this detailed request to:


  3. Thanks, Trent.

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