Sticking Posts in a Category Archive/Excerpts

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    I want to make a table of contents and stick it to the top of one of my categories.
    Is it possible to do so without having to use CSS code?

    I’d also like to make it show excerpts when I click on a category instead of just the title and image. Is there anyway to do that?

    Any help would be nice.

    The blog I need help with is


    No it is not possible, and even with CSS, it is not possible. CSS is just a styling document that browsers use to position and style page elements. It cannot be used to add functionality.



    Well alright. I’m fine with that.
    I notice that on other blogs when I click on a category, it shows me the full post of every post…Is it possible to make that happen with the Nishita theme or will I have to change my theme?



    That is theme-dependent.

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