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Sticky changes

  1. Main forum there are 3: the name / 7 things / the difference.
    I'm thinking that the name post goes in the 7 things so it makes 8 things and we have 2 stickies left.

    This forum:
    Remove the photography one. It's not posted to much, we have one theme (which is more than we had at the time) and we have tags too. So maybe lose that one? This leave 3 here.

    Hasn't got a sticky. Should it?

    Anything which you feel would be of benefit to be stuck in a sticky?
    (Not after a never-ending thread because they can never hit the spot for everyone but these things need a critical eye every so often).

  2. Like a guide line post as a sticky in the question section would be nice
    stating something like if there question falls under support to start
    a thread in the support section & having like a link to the support section
    in the post for easier navigation.

  3. I also agree the photography, sticky could be removed because there's not allot
    of action with that thread.

  4. agree with your suggestion and teck's.

    non-sticky suggestion: would be nice if we could categorise our blogs so that other like-minded readers can search us if possible. for instance, the photoblogs could be listed in a directory of their own and if someone wants to look to photoblogs in, s/he can search under that directory. we could have book blogs, political blogs, personal blogs under their own directories.

    you might say that's what tags are for and we can search under them. well, i don't use tags (just categories), and i'm sure not all bloggers of the same genre use similar tags. other bloggers won't have to come to the forums and start a new 'is there anyone with a photoblog here' thread too. :)

  5. @Mark

    I was thinking that this thread "Forum Volunteer of the Day" benefit
    better if it was put as a sticky on the forum front page along with.

    <blockuote>[sticky] [closed] 8 Things To Know Before Posting in WordPress.Com Forums

    [sticky] [closed] or ? The difference

  6. hmm, true. first-time visitors may not know of this cosy corner we call off-topic. :)

  7. Can we have this thread added as an sticky post in the off topic section please
    What Did You Post in Your Blog Today?->(6479 posts)

  8. yes, that'd be nice! though even without being stickied it has no problems staying afloat the other off-topic threads. :D

  9. How about the Questions forum?
    Too many stickies get cluttered and ignored, so would that forum be a good one?

  10. What did you post - sticky in OT
    Forum volunteers - sticky in questions

    Sound okay?

  11. if it's placed at the questions forum, would it appear at the main section of forums? (since threads posted under questions also appear at the main section? visitors may not be able to locate it if it's 'hidden' in a forum.

    i think 3 stickies at the front is not too many. just my two cents. :) (though it might be when the occasional bug appears and add to the sticky count.)

  12. @Mark,
    What did you post - sticky in OT
    Yea that would work, :)

    Forum volunteers - sticky in questions
    If thread was placed there as a Sticky I believe it would just get lost
    because it would be kinda hidden like Sulz, mentioned

  13. Thanks mark for moving the Volunteer thread to the sticky section of support.
    Cute dog BTW.

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