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Sticky not working

  1. Hello, I'm trying to set a post as a sticky but when i later add new posts it doesn't say at the top and keeps going down.

    I would like the "Twisted Rats Roster" to be stickied to the top, above the other random posts

    The blog I need help with is

  2. And yes, I have the "Twisted Rats Roster" post set to a sticky and the two others are not.

  3. Anyone?

  4. Wheres all my quick responses? :P

  5. it appears to me you only have pages the sticky post
    only works for blog posts Have you read this FAQ's yet ?

    Post vs. Page

    Sticky Posts

  6. "it appears to me you only have pages the sticky post"
    Can you rephrase that sentence?

    And yes I've read both of those. But I still don't understand. It says "you have created any sticky posts, those will appear before the other posts. Posts can be found in the Archives, Categories, Recent Posts, and other widgets. Posts are also displayed in the RSS feed of the blog."

    So I have .:] Twisted Rats and a category under the Teams & Clans widget

    I want to make .:Twisted Rats Roster a sticky in the .:]Twisted Rats category.

    but it's not becoming a sticky, it still moves down on the post list just like any other post.

  7. Sticky post option doesn't display in category view
    you can only see the sticky view from the main blog
    page which i can not find on your site.

    Have you read this WP FAQ > Front Page


    It appears to me you only have pages and no main blog page
    The sticky post only works for blog posts

  8. Also in Category view the post will keep moving down when
    you make a new post but will not move fron the top on the
    main blog post page.

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