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Sticky not working under Twenty Ten theme

  1. Hi everyone,
    On is a list of posts.
    Unfortunately the one sticky post (currently number 3) is not shown at the top even though it is checked as sticky.
    I tried to see if the problem evaporates with theme Twenty Eleven. But it does not work.
    Any ideas what I should do to fix it?
    Thanks a million

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Just to be certain, have you followed the instructions about sticky posts here:
    and you updated the post?

  3. @1tess
    Sure the post is listed as "Sticky" on the list of posts. And the posts shown above are not set to sticky.
    I'm happy for any help you can suggest.

  4. Ok, I looked at your blog again after some coffee and realized the link you provided is a category page. Sticky posts will be sticky only on your home blogging page.

  5. That explains it. Thanks a million.
    But it did not solve my challenge.
    A work-around might be to create an extra "sub"-blog where the stickiness will work if I leave it on the front page and open it in a new window.
    Thanks for your kind help.

  6. Well, you can make a site with a static front page.
    Then use a custom menu on your top navigation bar to link to pages.

    It would also be a good idea to have a link up top to your blog, with new and old posts. (And that would be where your sticky post would be viewable.)
    Just in terms of search engine juice.

    If you are using static pages, then why don't you make a link to that sticky post in your custom menu? Or even make it a page rather than a post?

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