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  1. I am having non-upgraded Blog with the theme iTheme2 by Themify.

    I want to highlight some selected posts on the homepage separately, I have tried various themes, and i was unable to find sticky posts option in my dashboard.

    Is the sticky post feature only supported to paid blogs ?

    Is there any other alternative to solve purpose.

    I want all my posts or atleast some posts to appear at the first entry to site, do not wish them to come in chronological order.

    Please help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sticky posts are possible on every theme. Edit the post and the option is in the sidebar on the right-hand side.

    Do note that using sticky posts will bore return readers and few will scroll down past one or two; they'll just conclude you're not making new posts, since these old ones are showing up on top where the newest posts are supposed to go. As well, making more than one post sticky causes them to get out of order frequently.

  3. Dear Raincoaster,

    Thanks for quick help !

    I could not get the option at sidebar, however I could find it in QuickEdit option.
    But by enabling it, the post simply comes on top, I however wish I could highlight some 4-5 top posts in a different section or above all posts in a single row or something like that.

    Can you guide me with that, I would be highly obliged for the same,

  4. That's not a standard functionality on All sticky does is put that post at the top. There are some themes that allow Featured Posts; scroll through the theme editor and see if you like any of them.

  5. Okay, Got the point.

    Thanks a tonne for your help !

    I'll look for themes supporting featured posts :)

    Obliged :)

  6. Thanks a lot Justpi :)
    Indeed helpful post.

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