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Sticky post another author's post

  1. I am an admin and trying to stick another author's post to the front page but it does not work. Tried clearing the cache and cookies, but it doesn't appear.
    Blog url:

  2. What is the specific URL of the post you're trying to stick?

  3. When you go to Edit that post, does it indicate you've selected it as Sticky? or does it appear that gets unticked when you Update?

    I'm not sure Oxygen supports sticky posts, actually.

  4. Oxygen Theme successfully sticky posted ones that I had published. The other posts are marked as sticky just doesn't actually stick. Disappears from the list of recent posts as well.

  5. I just successfully sticky posted one author's post. But it won't sticky post two of my other authors!

  6. This thread is flagged for Staff attention. Your patience while waiting is required.

  7. Not so much that one anymore, but any from that author. She was unable to stick any of her own posts either.

  8. I was able to stick for you.

    Please note that Authors cannot Stick posts. One of the Administrators will have to do it, or you'll need to promote them to at least Editor.

  9. I've checked the showcase page and I can't see it there.

    She is an administrator. She was able to stick this post: , while I could not.

  10. Ok, I see the problem. won't appear in the slider because the featured image is not at least 750 pixels wide.

  11. Fantastic! All is good now! Thank you!

  12. You're welcome!

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