Sticky post in Page of Posts on Front Page does not take the Background Colour

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    I’m on hosted using the Under the Influence theme.

    My Front Page is set to be a Page of Posts. I have one post set as a Sticky Post, which sticks nicely to the top of the Page of Posts on the Front Page.

    I have set a non-white background colour. All the posts and pages take on the non-white site background colour as their own background colour *except* the sticky post at the top of the page of posts on the front page. Just that post has a white background. The other posts in the page of posts have the non-white colour as their background colour.

    I have checked all the possible settings, and there is nothing to set to change this as far as I can see. Therefore is it a bug?

    Thank you for any help you can give.

    The blog I need help with is



    There is not bug. The under the Influence theme is coded to produce a light grey bg + title italics. See here to confirm > Sticky posts and their appearance The only way the color can be changed is by purchasing an annually renewable custom design upgrade and CSS editing.


    Wow! What a lot of information there is – all over the place!

    Thank you to Panos who compiled the list in “Sticky posts and their appearance”. It would be nice if the Theme documented it itself, so that I could have known straight away that it did something special with the sticky post. Perhaps there should be a standard place for theme authors to document the “features” of their theme – that is to say the “boring” ones like this, that would not be included in the description on the theme’s “advertisement”. Maybe at the bottom of the “Theme options” setting page. Then we can check it straight away instead of clogging up these forums.

    And a great thank you to timethief for such a quick answer!


    Sticky posts are ‘special’ posts, so it makes sense that they should look different. This is briefly documented in the Support doc on stickies:

    Sticky posts appear highlighted in some way, depending on the theme you’re using.

    The details one could document are too many – check the list of theme surveys in my blog to get an idea:
    These posts cover many features or details, but there are many more that aren’t covered (because I haven’t published or prepared a relevant post yet, or because I haven’t examined a certain detail in all themes yet, or because I won’t bother doing so for something I consider insignificant, or because I haven’t even thought of what other detail one might like to see documented).

    Theme Options wouldn’t be the place to add a list of all the details and characteristics of a theme: that’s the place where you select availalble options (such as alternative layouts or color schemes), if any (many themes have no “Theme Options” at all under Appearance). A separate tab, such as “Theme Info” would be nice, but in my opinion you shouldn’t expect such a complete list of features and details (for every theme!) from a free service.

    But the theme team have taken a very good step in that direction by creating the Theme Showcase site, in which you can read about each theme and examine a live demo blog yourself:


    Thank you for your comments, panaghiotisadam, and thank you to all of you who spend your own time investigating themes so you can answer support questions like mine. I really do appreciate it. Behind this one question that I put on this forum there are countless others that I found answers to without needing to ask, some of them on the Themes Showcase site that you refer to.



    I’m glad I could help you and you’re welcome. :)


    You’re welcome from me too!

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