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Sticky Post on Category Page only?

  1. Hi - I have read it is unwise to repost old posts. I have also read about sticky posts. Is there a way to sticky post an old post on a category page ONLY and not on the home page? If I do repost an old post, will it have the same url? (haven't actually delved into reposting as read search engines don't like it). Many thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. 1. No "sticky" posts are stuck to the front page of the blog only. Please read >
    2. Yes.

  3. I said "front page" and if anyone wishes to nit pick at that the correct words would have been "on the home page" because some people change the default front page to a static home page, but you have not done that.

  4. • If by "repost an old post" you mean publish a new post with the content of an older one, then no it won't have the same URL, because post URLs include the date.

    • Why repost an old post? If you've got something important to add, better publish a new post with the new stuff and link to the older post. If you just want to draw attention to an older post, you can link to it in your sidebar.

    • "Search engines don't like it" only if you do it systematically. See here:

  5. Thx. Incorrect terminology duly noted (sorry! so accustomed to calling 'first page' home page, my bad).
    I want to repost an old post as it is one calling for reviews, so I want to have this at the top of my review category page but I posted something there myself so the call-to-action post is now at the bottom.
    Thx for replying, appreciated.

  6. You cannot stickany post to a Category page.
    1.You can edit the post visbility setting make it a "sticky post" and stick it to the home page of the blog.
    2. You can create and publish a new post that includes a link to the older post in it.
    3. You can place the permalinked title of the older post in a text widget and place it at the top of your sidebar.

  7. Thank you timethief. I will investigate option 3. That will probably be more sensible so I can keep posting reviews from outside wordpress and not demote the call-to-action post each time.

  8. Okay I hope that works for you.

  9. yup - perfect solution. Many thanks!

  10. I've never cottoned to the Blix theme but your content and custom colors are a perfect match for that theme IMO. :)

  11. Thank you ... yes, I think they work together well too (apart from the yellow search panel!) ... took a lot of trawling through the templates to find a good fit for a novice.

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