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Sticky Post option as a check box outside quick edit

  1. I love the sticky post feature. I was wondering if that option could be moved out of the quick edit area and made a top level function/option.

    That way I can quickly change which posts are sticky as I add new content or bring back older posts for viewing. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Different strokes for different folks. I find your POV interesting because I am repulsed by sticky posts and static front pages. I come to blogs to read fresh content and having to click through sticky posts or a static page to locate the fresh content is a deal breaker for me. I experience that once and I'm gone never to return again. However, I have no objection to a blogger using a random post link in the sidebar where it does not interfere with my reading of fresh content.

  3. I can understand and appreciate you point. It's more of a convenience thing. I don't use the sticky feature a lot, but I use it often enough to hate having to open it up every time.

  4. a) I agree with timethief: having to scroll down even for just the latest post isn't user friendly, especially for returning visitors. If you like stickies so much, I suggested you at least add the Recent Posts widget at the top of your sidebar.
    b) It is highly unlikely that WP will endorse your suggestion. The sticky option was more prominent on the edit screen a couple of years ago, and they buried it where it is now because lots of inexperienced users misunderstood what "stick to front page" means: they thought it was a necessary step to make your posts show up, and marked each and every single post they published as a sticky - completely messing up their blogs.

  5. I use the Most Popular Page and Post Widget to help bring up old Posts automatically based on what my visitors are reading.

  6. My Popular Posts page is popular but the most popular static page on my main blog is titled "Sitemap". It's actually a static page with the archives shortcode on it which automatically displays a complete index of permalinked titles to all published posts in reverse chronological order. As I use descriptive titles that accurately state what's in my posts that page gets a lot of visitors and has a higher page rank than my popular posts page does.

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