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Sticky Post; option nowhere to be found

  1. About Sticky Posts:
    In the Support/Forum page it says: <i> “Regular updates are what blogging’s all about, but sometimes you want to keep hot topics or other static info at the top of your posts. This feature has existed as Sticky Topics in the forums, but hasn’t been available on blogs. Until now.

    In the publishing options for each post you’ll now see “Stick this post to the front page.” </i>

    However, I am looking for the ”Stick this post to the front page“ on the Post page, but no such option is to be seen. Do all themes have the Sticky Post option??

    I am considering going back to Depo, so does Depo offer that option? Or no? I looked but could not find that option either.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Aha, SENSUOUS CURMUDEON has an answer that I found: He said:
    <b> When you're in edit mode, to the right of the screen, you'll see an option that says "Visibility." Hit the word "edit" next to that word and you'll see the option to "Stick this post to the front page." After you check that box, be sure to hit "OK" to complete the process. Then "update" the post. </b>

    That is quite a bit clearer and precise than the original instructions on another page that say simply that the Sticky Post option is on the Post page.


  3. I see that would be CURMUDGEON with a G. :-)


  4. I was looking for that too. Thank you!

  5. Can't find it. Could you give me a pic of it or somthin?? Put it in this post or heres my E-mail if you will: [Email Removed -T3CK] which ever works best for you. Oh.... Never mind, I read your comment about "sensuous curmudeon" :?:

  6. Oh wait, well, even if you didn't post about that, my email went bad anyways.

  7. @sctells15987
    Posting your email address to any forum in that form guarantees that spam bots programmed to crawl the internet and harvest email addresses will get it. Please read this and learn how to safely post and email address that will not be crawled by spam bots

    @lornakismet and iinwibisono
    This is the link to Support Documentation. Bookmarking it is a good idea as you will use it frequently
    Here is what I searched for "sticky post" and here is the result :)

  8. I still cant find it. Maybe there are some templates which don't have the sticky posts?

  9. OK I found it now. Many thanks to timethief fot the link
    Happy New Year everyone from us in the UK

  10. You're welcome. Take good care and have a happy holiday. :)

  11. Hey timethief....any recommendations if the sticky option just isn't there? I've looked and looked at this for a week now, and I'm pretty sure I'm not just overlooking it. It simply isn't there.

  12. @ hummusdude

    The site linked to your name is not a blog. If you are asking about a blog, we need a link. http:// ???

  13. I made a post on my site a while back about how to sticky a post, located here:

    I've gotten some comments about users not seeing it also, could you tell us what browser your using and where your looking? Make sure it's a post and not a page too.

    Are any of the other options not there that should be? Here's what else should show up:

    Not too sure now, but I think that it might have to be a public post to show up?

  14. hummusdude, is this your blog? If so, best to link it to your username and not your general website. It will save time later in the forums. The Post must be a public Post and then click "Edit" next to Visibility to make the Sticky option appear. Check it, click OK and update or publish your Post.

  15. a post can be made sticky from the Quick Edit option too

  16. Extremely helpful thanx you guys ▲▼▲

  17. Answered my question---thank you.

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