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Sticky Post -- UNDERNEATH Most Recent Post?

  1. Is there any way to sticky a post so that it shows up second instead of on the very top?

    Is this possible in OR blogs?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It's not possible to achieve this using the Sticky function. It IS possible to do this by simply changing the date of the post every time you make a new post, so it appears to be the post written just before the most recent.

  3. Thanks! No automatic way to have the date changed, eh?

  4. No, but I've thought of something else.

    IF (and ONLY if) you happen to be a CSS whiz, you could tinker with things so that the Sticky might appear underneath the most recent post automatically. You could still only have one sticky post per blog successfully, but it's theoretically possible. If you don't already know how, though, I guess that's useless info because nobody's going to become an expert overnight just to do this.

    I suppose you've already ruled out putting the Sticky contents in a text widget in the sidebar?

  5. For me it's most an issue of aesthetic emphasis. I'd like to be able to emphasize a particular post without causing it to be overbearing.

    For example on the "Suggestion Box" at the top has a grey banner, while none of the other posts do. This is because it is the sticky note. If I had a way to keep that gray banner for emphasis but have it as the second post at all times I'd be all for it.

    If I could change a text box in the sidebar to have that gray emphasis somehow, I'd be willing to put it as a text box.

  6. Yes, you can put a background colour in a text widget.

    You may also want to read this:

  7. Thank you, very much

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