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  1. Hi there, this morning I have tried and tried to get sticky post on to my page ... using "Forever" as theme - and when I add any posts as sticky - the whole posts shows, not only photo and headline - as it does on the theme layout. Just want the 4 "boxes", but it doesn't come out like that. Don't want the full posts to be showing first at all time. What I'm I doing wrong ?????

    All for now ... Viveka
    Blog url:

  2. You have a couple of options here for splitting your content:

    You might also want to publish your posts in columns by enabling this feature at Appearance -> Theme Options.

    Don't hesitate to contact us again if you need anymore help. :-)

  3. Thanks ... Chris, but why don't my theme do what it does on the demo ??? It shows very clearly that 4 posts with only picture and headlines lay first on the page - that's what I want. Looks so good.

    Sorry for being a pain.

  4. Have you assigned a Featured Image to each of your posts?

  5. No I haven't ... didn't know I could do that - I have photo's in the post that is all.
    Manage to get the 4 different posts on top - but no picture was shown .. now I know - will play around for a while. If I don't figure it out - I will come back.

    Thanks for the support, Chris

  6. Chris ... totally lost - I have a header images on my profile (blog) .. but I can't find how to get a header image on my posts. Been at for quite a while now.
    So sorry.

  7. Hi Viveka,

    No worries -- I'm glad to help :-)

    Open the post editor for a post where you want to set a featured image, and locate the "Featured Image" module toward the bottom of the page. Click the "Set Featured Image" link, and upload the image you wish to use. Then click the "Use as featured image" link.

    Full instructions are here:

    Feel free to drop us a line if we can be of any further assistance.

  8. Fantastic, Chris .. I wound it !!! In side the media adding box !!!

    Thanks a million *smile

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