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    I have the Triton Lite theme, and would like to know how to get my posts to be featured at the top. I saw the theme’s demo site, and saw that they have the pictures that change at the top and you can click them as well for the rest of the post. I have been unable to find that setting.

    Sorry, I know this is wordy, and I hope that I am making sense.

    The blog I need help with is



    Posts in Triton Lite will appear in the slider up top if they have a featured image which is at least 950 pixels in width and 270 pixels in height and set as sticky.

    See these for more info:


    I think I am thinking of the wrong thing then. I figured out how to do that. On my Triton Lite theme I am trying to get the “feature post” option at the top. Where it will show how many ever I want. I think the demo for this theme has 2. Where you can click that picture and it will go to the post… Its at the top and on the lower right it has numbers and those represent the numbers of “featured posts” and it kind of rotates through them.



    Yep, that’s what I was referring to. The posts need to have a featured image which matches the required dimensions, then they need to be set as sticky.



    I tried setting posts with featured images larger than 950 x 270 pixel to be sticky and nth happened.



    Hi sarahfrancy,

    It looks like your featured images are displaying just fine on your site. Were you able to get it working?

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