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Sticky Posts Featured Image Slider

  1. We are new bloggers--how do you create the sticky posts permalink onto the home page image, so it creates an automatic slideshow? Is it possible to permalink a page?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It does no matter which theme you use. Pages and Posts are different. Pages cannot be displayed in the featured posts slider and they cannot be made "sticky" because aren't posts.

    Here's to link to the Forever Theme Description where you will find instructions for "A Dramatic Personalized Home Page". Live demo site.
    You need sticky posts with featured images for the slider to display.

    To show only your four latest posts (with a Featured Image above each one, of course) in a neat grid on your home page visit Appearance → Theme Options and click the checkbox there. Thumbnail on 4-column showcase for recent posts. Width 195px, maximum height 124px (cropped if larger).
    Featured Image (at least 887 pixels wide and height 355px)

  3. Great! Thank you. If we opt out to have image slider, how can we change the Image Header for each separate page. Right now, we have a stagnate header image for all of our eight pages. We would like to change at least one--Forever Theme.

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