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    I’m trying to get 2 posts to show up in the top main body of the Suburbia main page like shown in the demo. I’ve marked the posts as sticky, and have set the images as featured images, but the 2 posts show up in the bottom area of the main page as the first two posts, and the upper main body of the main page is blank. I can’t find anything more than what I’ve already done in the forum except for changing the coding, and unfortunately that’s greek to me. Will appreciate any help as a noob.

    The blog I need help with is



    Featured images dimensions are critical for display.

    Suburbia description notes
    live demo site

    On the main page, Suburbia doesn’t display regularly inserted images. Regularly inserted images only display when a post is viewed on its own page – not on the front page.

    To have front page image display you need to set a featured image to each post and make each post a sticky post. Note that the size of the featured image does matter. Featured image sizes are critical to display. The featured image works best with images at least 350 by 248 (width, height) – smaller images will not work.

    Setting a Featured Image >
    Sticky posts >

    If you don’t see the Featured Image module on your Add New or Edit Post page, please make sure you’ve selected Featured Image in your Screen Options.

    The “S” is the header image that you can replace with one of your own. The custom header image is 155 by 155 (width, height). That header image can be replaced here > Appearance > Header.

    You set the number of post you want to display on the front page here > Settings > Reading

    You set-up widgets here > Appearance > Widgets



    If you read the theme description and look at the image and the live demo site image too then you will note that the theme is designed to display only 2 larger featured image posts displayed on the front page side by side at the top. The rest will not display that way.


    Thanks for your reply. The sticky posts and featured images are displayed, but they’re not displayed in the upper main body of the front page. They’re displayed in the lower area of the page as the first two posts, and the upper main body of the page is blank. I can’t figure out what to do to move the two posts to the upper part of the page. I believe I’ve done everything you suggested in your reply. Will appreciate any ideas you can offer. Thanks again.



    I’m sure you’re correct, and I misunderstood what I’ve read. If I understand you correctly, the upper main body of the Suburbia main page won’t populate with sticky posts/featured images. The only way to fill that area is through the “Page/Edit” screen, correct? I thought the upper area would populate with 2 sticky posts & featured images. Thanks again for trying to help.



    I’m having an intermittent display problem with Suburbia. Sometimes I only have 3 columns(top row) or 4 columns (subsequent rows) on the main page, similar to what was reported here:

    Timethief, since you’re familiar with the theme, could that be due to the images? I don’t know that I’ve used featured images. I only have one in each column, generally.



    I am using Suburbia and have noticed that on my Mac running either Safari or Firefox, any blog I look at running Suburbia is not displaying properly. It cuts the featured image in half and starts displaying the post collection halfway down the page leaving a huge hole in the top half of the screen. The only exception is when I play with the theme selector and preview Suburbia. Then everything is fine. Any ideas?



    I’m still seeing intermittent display problems where there’s a column blank. Using IE on Windows 8 machine.

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