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    Is it possible to have “sticky posts”/ static posts not on the front page? I have been messing around with my blog and have already made a home “Welcome!” page, and a following page with my posts all there. What I’m wondering is if you can make a POST not a page, static, like one that stays at the top of my second page while the others fall after it? Is that possible?

    The blog I need help with is


    Yes you can do that, just click on edit next to the post visibility of the post you want stickied and click the option that says stick this to the front page, see here for more on them


    Thank you! I was able to figure it out! Yay! I found where it said “make it a sticky post” and what threw me off was that until I published it I couldn’t tell if it had worked the way I wanted it to. Thanks!!!



    I am trying to create a static front page that people will see when clicking on my wordpress address. Right now, my “home page” is a blank static page but clicking the picture above it shows my blogs (and takes me to the origional address) I want the next pg. 2 be “about me” and the 3rd my plog enteries. I’ve been playing around with it for days but can’t seem to figure it out!

    1: How to I make my wordpress address link directly to the static “home” page?

    2. How do I link my blogs from the homepage to the 3rd menue, “blogs”??


    In the future you should really create a new thread, since this one is related, but it’s a different issue, otherwise you’re really hijacking this thread…

    I believe you can make the wordpress address link directly to the static page if you go to Appearance -> Customise -> Front page, and choose the static page you want on the Front page.

    Then using the Custom Menus (Appearance -> Menus) you can choose which pages you want to show up and in what order. If you want your posts to go onto the page ‘blogs’, then you will have to really put them all in one category, and then using the menus ‘menu’, add a category tab.

    You should probably check out the custom menu support page here:

    You might also want to take a look at Justpi’s (Panos) posts about these topics:
    Custom Menus:
    Posts on Pages:

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