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sticky posts out of order

  1. I have three posts with the "sticky" box checked but they are not showing in order; one of the "older" posts is above one of the newer posts. I've triple checked the time/date posted but they are not shoing in proper order. Any idea for a fix?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. The sticky option is meant for ONE post that will remain permanently on top of more recent ones. When you mark several posts as stickies, the blog gets messed up: for instance, click "Older Entries" to see that two of your stickies show up in the second page too.

    And the sticky option is meant for a special announcement or the like. Marking three normal posts as stickies because apparently you consider them important isn't a good idea: users re-visiting your blog may see the sticky first and leave at once, thinking you haven't posted anything else since Nov 25. I would suggest you unsticky those posts and highlight them in a different way - maybe link to them in a text widget placed up top in the sidebar, with some explanatory text added.

  3. got it, thanks for the help (twice)

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