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    I am assisting some friends with their WP site,, and we are trying to figure out how to manage their sticky posts. They have a number of posts in the slider, marked as sticky, but have reached their limit on the number that can be put in the slider. We are assuming that when this happens, the theme kicks the earliest sticky posts to the posts page. We wanted to know if we could possibly use a plugin or something so that only one post shows up on the posts page at a time. This way, several posts would be sticky and in the slider, the most recent post would appear on the posts page, and the earliest, neither sticky nor recent, would be archived. Is this possible with the Itheme2 theme?


    I’m sorry but that’s not possible. There is no FTP access to blogs and we can’t install plugins. They are only for installs. All free hosted blogs here are on the same multiuser blogging platform. All blogs wearing the same theme are using the same underlying template. Only Staff can access those files and edit as every edit effects every blog wearing the same theme. If your friends require plugins and want the ability to hack themes they need to hire a web host and set up their own self-hosted install. Otherwise they will have to settle for working with the theme exactly as it is designed to work here as there is no upgrade they can purchase form provides the ability to change how any theme functions.



    dang, thanks anyway.

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