Stickys form minibanners?

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    Well i noticed this a month ago and i found it quite fascinating.

    I tried to make 2 sticky posts and it ended up not working and the two just became regular posts on the front page.

    Is there a way to make 2-3 mini-banners stay when there are multiple sticky posts? and is there currently a way to put sticky posts in order?

    I am sorry if i’m not making any sense.



    I too would like to know how to put sticky posts in order. I have two sticky posts and I want them to appear in the order I set, but currently that’s not happening


    @hippiefreak12: What do you mean “it ended up not working and the two just became regular posts”? The first post on your front page is dated 30 March 2009 and the next one is dated 16 August 2011, so the sticky feature is working. If you mean that your sticky looks like the rest of your posts, that’s theme-dependent. In many themes they are differentiated one way or another, but in some they aren’t – see here:

    a) No you cannot directly control the order of two stickies. To change their order you can edit them and change their dates. Alternative: combine them into one sticky by copying the content of the one from the HTML editor and pasting it into the HTML editor of the other.
    b) One or two long stickies aren’t user friendly, especially for returning visitors. If I were you I would either unsticky them (or even turn them into pages instead of posts) and link to them at the top of the sidebar, or at least use the more tag to make them as short as possible on the front page.

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