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Still a question on Tag from Stats Page

  1. Thats it drMike. On the Stats Page it shows 5 Tags. Thats what I don't understand. What does that mean? What is it counting? I haven't put on a tag as far as I am aware. The site is

    drMike you also clicked on CranberryBlossom which is an additional site to judicreations. The one you clicked on is can I get rid of that one and just keep the other one?

  2. @judicreations
    It seems you have started another thread and also that drmike is not currently available. Please be patient and he will respond to you when he can.

    For clarity: At this site and on a blog titled "Cranberry Blossom" you have created these categories which can be seen in your sidebar.
    * May 2007
    * Mother's Day - My First Blogday
    Also note that "Blogroll" and Uncategorized" are always Categories in any new blog.

    At this site I see an empty blog. If you do not want it you can do this here -> Options

    Before you do that please read this

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