Still can not embed my video

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    I’m new. I uploaded video to YouTube. I’m successful at putting it in my blog by copying the URL code and pasting it in the insert link step (I press the little icon at the top of the compose screen). Then a viewer visiting blog clicks my highlighted words and it must take you to YouTube to view it. But I want my video to be viewed right there on the blog page by it being visible there to click on the beginning of the start video, without have to go to YouTube. I can not figure out how to embed the longer code found with my video. (all those words and symbols code found right under the URL code on YouTube) I copy all of that but I don’t know how to insert and get it saved. I do the same steps as the URL code, but it doesn’t work when I save and publish. HELP! I’m not very swift at this stuff. What am I doing wrong here?



    What am I doing wrong here?

    Giving us an explaination but not telling us what specifically you are doing nor showing us an example. :)

    Did you read the FAQ on the subject?

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    I can’t upload my video either but I have the html code to embed the video – I try pasting it into the code part of the blog but it just displays as letters – I realise there is a security issue but lots of other blogging sites can do it why can’t you guys. I don’t want to be restricted to those sites that are ‘suggested’ and yes I have read your faq’s…. so my only choice is to not use you guys……






    The staff at realizes the security risk just like you and has made a policy decision to not allow script in this case due to those security risks. Other bloggers know the risks and choose to do it anyhow (and have major problems as a result). If you do enjoy the wordpress software you can download it for free at, host it yourself, and use your own video methods if this is a sticking point for you at



    videogirl1982, best bet would be then to use the wordpress software from and find yourself a host. You’re asking us to but at risk nearly a million blogs and i do hope you understand that that’s not a very good idea. It’s why MySpace and Blogger have so many security issues and get hacked.

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