still cannot invite anyone to be an author…editor or anything else on my blog

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    cannot invite anyone to be an author or editor on my blog
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    Ive been told both myself and the user i want to invite to be part of my blog have to be online at the same time…done that..still couldnt do it.

    on the day i set up this blog…it appeared there was an issue with wordpress…they were having some problems although i dont know with what exactly…and someone told me the other day they couldnt subscribe to my rss feed.

    ive been trying to get hold of someone actually at wordpress but theres no way to contact anyone to check if there is a fault with this blog..anyone got any other ideas please?
    thank you


    The people you invite do not have to be online. The invites are sent via email, and then they have to click a link to accept. Have they received the emails? Have they clicked the link that takes them to your blog to log in? One other thing, are you aware that your blog is of ‘mature’ nature? Youngsters could click on the link here in this thread. it would be advisable for you to report your blog as ‘mature’ yourself.



    she gets the invite but when she clicks on it…while it takes her to her own blog..theres nothing there for her to accept.

    i dont know how to make my blog “mature”…can you tell me please? thank you.



    I don’t know that it’s Mature content, but you can report yourself as Mature if you want by going to the front of your blog and on the admin bar, hover over your blog name. In the drop-down menu is Report As Mature.

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