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    I am trying to delete a page on a client’s website – somehow, at some point in her site development process, she ended up with two pages (and hence, two links in her top navbar) leading to the same content. I have thoroughly deleted the copy page, as in, it is all gone and never to be recovered again, but the link still appears in the nav bar, and when clicked, it still redirects to…the same page! I browsed the forums and found that some people had luck creating a new page with the same name and deleting that, but after giving it a try I did not have the same luck. Do I just need to, like…wait? I mean, do these kinds of changes take time to process or something? If there’s something I can do now to make the change “take,” that would be awesome.

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    Oooh, nice feature, WP! The site can be found at: The links at the top, in the blue navbar, are “Blog” and “Go by Bike!” which both lead to the same content. I deleted the page called “Blog.”

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