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Still can't get wordpress to show 'poetry'...

  1. ... or any other tag, no matter what I do.

    With the url!/read/topic/poetry all I see is a page with '' at the top, then a row of tabs like this: 'New Post, Reader (I appear to be on that one), Freshly Pressed, Topics, My Blog, My Stats. I can navigate those tabs, but if I go to the 'Topics' tab and click on ANY topic, it loops me back round to where I started.

    I was told over a week ago that the site was being worked on and to expect a 24 hour fix. All I can do is keep posting here, because I don't have an upgrade so I can't ask the tech guys at wordpress direct. It is beginning to get tedious. Does anyone know what is happening?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. The page is actually showing up, so it may be an issue with your browser not finding the most recent version of the page.

    You might try clearing your cache or forcing a refresh and see if that works. You could also try looking at the page in a different browser to see if it works there.

    For more information and a few other things to try, see

  3. Okay guys, it has taken me this long to get back to you. Just to let you know I emptied the cache, and the next thing is wordpress pages wouldn't load at all. then they loaded in corrupted form. Now, half an hour later, I have only just managed to get this forum page to show up properly.

    Raincoaster, your link still loops me right back where I started.

    I know what you're going to say - it's my browser. But hey guys - it's only wordpress where I have this problem! All other sites load perfectly. Isn't it just possible there is some glitch at wordpress?


  4. WordPress HAS changed the way it works recently; you just have to put "Topics" into the forum search to find a couple of hundred complaints. But if updating your browser or Windows 7 fixes it, why would you not do that?

    It could also be your security settings: make sure is whitelisted.

  5. Okay okay I get it, I get it! :)

    I changed my browser and it has worked. I still say that wp has a glitch relating to certain browsers and ought to fix it, but thanks for the advice.


  6. Little-known fact: it ALWAYS does. There is always at least one browser it's not working very well with. Either that or Facebook or YouTube has changed's an ongoing process.

  7. I get that too. It has always been the case with IT that things have been released and marketed before they are perfected. Thank heaven it isn't that way with automobiles! :-D

    Thanks anyhow, sincerely.


  8. By the way, if you have a line to the guys at wordpress, advise them that it's not working with Safari on a borrowed iMac, but it's working fine on Google Chrome on just about anything, including an ancient Toshiba lap top.


  9. Sorry for all the trouble, but I'm glad you got it to work! :)

  10. Och, what is life if not a pottle o' trouble!

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