STILL can't leave comments on WP blogs

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    I posted about this several days ago but still have not heard back.

    Whenever I try to leave a comment on a WP blog I get quickly transferred to another page that says my username or email belongs to an account I am not currently logged into. (Yet on the page where I’m attempting to leave a comment it shows me logged into my Beau Dangles blog)

    The username that appears on the WP page is actually the backup email address I listed for my Beau Dangles blog, should my default address cease to work. How the heck did that appear out of nowhere? Even when I try to relog into Beau Dangles it doesn’t work. The BD’s password doesn’t work on this page either.

    I would really appreciate help on resolving this.


    The blog I need help with is



    To protect your privacy by not discussing your account details in a public forum and displaying your email addresses. Please contact support.

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