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STILL can't upload pictures into posts! Please help.

  1. I had this problem a couple of days ago. Firefox is my browser. I fixed it by going to Tools/Clear Private Data, then unchecking ALL the options in the new window except 'cache', then clicking the 'clear private data now' button. After that, when I clicked on the Add Media option, the window came up in the middle of the screen, rather than being stuck halfway down. Then, to be safe, I also used Raincoaster's suggestion of grabbing the image URL from its listing in the Media Library (a tab option when you click on Add Media), going back to the post I was in the middle of writing, clicking on the little Tree image (for adding an image into the post), pasting the URL into that little box, and bingo, everything worked beautifully.

    I am very un-techie. (I am sure you can all tell). But all the suggestions given by people on these forums worked for me, and were straightforward to follow. I didn't have to update any software or go via another site. Thanks to those experienced ones who stop the rest of us tearing our hair out!

  2. geoffreywilliams

    Help! I'm new to this blogging malarky!

    I started using WordPress May 3rd, uploaded images into pages easily, but since then, frustratingly, no luck at all! When I try, the screen just goes dark.

    I use a Mac G4 Powerbook using Safari as my browser and have tried all that has been suggested previously to no avail.

    Can anyone help?

  3. geoffreywilliams

    Thanks Musicwork. I also have Firefox and tried your method with success! Phew!

  4. Clearing cache, changing browsers, updating flash, using firefox etc etc will not help the problem. the only method that works is copying the image url and using the image insert (tree) button

  5. I was wondering, does anyone know how you transfer images from a picture to HTML?

  6. I'm not sure I understand the question. Could you rephrase it?

  7. I have the same problem - uploading images works fine but they don't appear in the blog 90% of the time and this is not supposed to be a job, this blog. I am ready to give up on WordPress - it's too big an issue to be working so poorly. It shouldn't require all the workarounds people are suggesting. Ugh.

  8. agreed demiloca. Its been going on for weeks now. Deleting my cache etc just isnt an option, its not just my comp this isnt working on its about four of them that Ive treid!!!!!!!
    Is anyone actually doing anything about it on the support side or are we all expected to spend ten minutes doing something that should take two minutes to do!!!!
    Fair enough, its a free platform, but even so!!!!!!

  9. Instead of taking away the only workaround that worked for image uploading, maybe it would have been a good idea to fix the problem ridden image uploader. Note to techs. You don't take away the workaround BEFORE the problem is fixed. Sheesh. Do you guys hate me/ Do you not want my blog at wordpress?

  10. I emailed support this morning and three hours or so later had the following reply....

    I'm sorry for the problems. This is a bug we've been trying to track down for quite some time now. The problem is that we haven't been able to reproduce it from our end. I will add you to our list and keep you updated when we have a resolution.


  11. Why do we have to go thru several workarounds to get the darn thing to accept pictures?

    This is NOT professional!

  12. After the first couple of days, I could not post any pictures onto my blog. WordPress needs to fix the problem.

  13. hello. the little box with the picture of the tree is not here today!
    is there a wayt to get it back?

  14. Ummm... Is that a real problem???

  15. The tree icon is gone. Click on the picture and you get a mountain icon, which has some of the same functions.

  16. right, I dont do HTML. What are the various codes for me to put images into my posts?
    Im gonna give it one more go and then if even this doesnt work Im off to another platform!

  17. I have contacted support. Wonder if I'll hear from them.

    I use Firefox 3 and WinXPSP3. Tried clearing cache, no cigar.

  18. We are continuing to look into the bug when the uploader popup turns white after clicking the Insert into Post button. So far it's been a hard bug to track down because it's been working from our end and there hasn't been a common element to any of the details submitted by people experiencing the problem. I'm sorry for the problems it has caused.

  19. I used the basic HTML workaround. I too have an Add Image pop up window cut off at the bottom even after dleting cache and cookies and refreshing. So at least I can upload the image with the uploader, go to the Manage and then Media Library area and copy and past the image url into the HTML edit option of the post. Until things are fixed I'll just do images I can simply center to not worry about text wrapping.

    For newbies that are not familiar with HTML :

    <img src="[image here]" >

    Hopefully the image issue will be fixed soon... Previously I was using the Tree icon too.

  20. reformedbaptistfellowship

    Having the same problems as all the guys above. My images will not load, the tree icon is gone and when I try to used the new method, the screen is halfway of the page. Very frustrating!!!!!!!!

  21. The workarounds are all in this thread:

  22. We just pushed out some bug fixes that should take care of the Insert into Post bug where the media window turns white. Can everyone try it out and let us know if you still have problems?

  23. easydiverchris

    Works for me. Inserting a whole Gallery with the ability to modify the pictures' captions off-post is a neat feature. Thanks for getting it to work correctly.

  24. I've been using windows live writer to do posts. I thing your bug fix broke some things. Everything worked fine till yesterday, now I can't upload my posts. Error message: The weblog does not support image publishing. Please fix!

  25. chriggy,
    Are you still having problems. I see several recent image uploads in your Media Library.

  26. hookedonstring

    Ugh... I want my tree back. I can't post any pics. I was able to upload a pic (once) but the blacked out grey box will not go away (close by hitting the "x" at the top of the box). I refresh my browser ..... I lose everything. There is no way to save (as in draft) either. The blacked out grey box thing is not going away. Atleast with having the tree button I was able to upload through "photobucket"... I can live with that if that is all I can do... even though that sometimes can be a pain.

  27. hookedonstring

    P.s. I was able to get my picture into the post, but I had to jump through hoops (i.e. copy the link of the pic I uploaded then hit the IMG button in HTML format, insert that, then hit "visual" and the picture is there. No black/grey box to deal with ... a great thing... but this is not a very user friendly way. Sorry to say.

  28. reformedbaptistfellowship

    It is working now : )

    Thanks WordPress Staff for you labors.

    Have a great day

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