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still can't view ANY wordpress blog and can't enter mine PLS HELP

  1. eversince the downtime was reported, i couldn't view ANY wordpress blog at all, including mine. i couldn't enter my account either; i can log in but when i click on "dashboard" etc., it just goes "page load error". i can't enter the support site nor any of the news, etc. i can only go into the forum and the home page. please help.

    i have moved to other units, changed browser, cleared browser cache, used other isp's, none of these work. i think it's a wp problem because i can easily view other websites and log into other online accounts. please help me.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. 1. Try restarting the router.

    2. Try OpenDNS.

    3. Scanned your computer for threats?

    4. Press start, click or type run. Type CMD and press enter. type ping

    post results.

  3. Are you in China by any chance? There were some reports a week or so back that China had started to block WordPress.

  4. thanks, dreamsburnred, i will try that.

    chrisqq, no. did that really happen in china? i'm in fiji right now. could the gov't have blocked wordpress here too? there's a gag order on some bloggers for bad press, some even detained for writing criticisms against the gov't. i hope it didn't affect the rest of us who are not at all politically inclined... i hate suppression of free speech. if the above advice doesn't work, i hope someone can tell me what's going on around here.

  5. Iamshallow,
    I suppose the way to find out if Fiji is blocking wordpress would be ask someone else there if they can access the sites.

    I don't suppose you are at work are you? Some employers block sites that they think staff might waste time on.

  6. chrisqq, i use my personal laptop. i tried opening in another pc, then tried in an internet cafe. different pc's, different browsers, different isp's. no one i spoke to here has been able to access wordpress nor view any wordpress blog unless cached by a search engine.

    i asked friends overseas if they can view or access my site, and there seems to be no problem there.

    this may be censorship. i hate suppression of free speech. and to think my blog has absolutely nothing to do with the gov't.

  7. From what you say it sounds very like censorship. If it is, there are ways round this, see this link:

    Bear in mind that when countries do impose censorship by blocking sites they often have quite severe penalties for circumventing this blocking. You should think very hard about whether to do this. If your blog is "collateral damage" and would not upset the government then maybe your pest option is to move to a blog host in Fiji, or self-host a site.

  8. chrisqq, that is very helpful, thank you!

    you are right, i would rather not circumvent the blockade though it seems easy for me to do so. i'm not a citizen, i might get deported and inasmuch as i don't agree with the gov't, i like the place!

    i took your advice and bought a domain last night, hosted by a friend overseas. thank you very much!

  9. Hi
    I dont think wordpress is blocked in Fiji. I have a personal blog and all my friends in Fiji are complaining that it is not opening up. I dont knoww why this i happening when I can open it in Fiji fastest net shop Kidanet and also in University. Its not opening up at most other places. Some of my friends have been able to open it up though...BUT defintly some problem exits...Please help

  10. tropicaltreasure,
    I really think that this is something that a user-support forum can't help you with. I suggest that you contact the ISP's from which you cannot access

  11. Why would you assume it isn't blocked in Fiji? What you've said is pretty much indicitive of a ban. In Pakistan and several other countries, only universities and certain high-profile ISPs can access

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