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Still confused and anoyed

  1. Apologies that I did not reply at lightening speed, my net connection went down for a few moments. There was no need to close my thread so quickly.
    1tess I would appreciate it if you looked further into the matter. I do sometimes write about sexual themes and include very mild erotic images but nothing that would seem to cross the lines you highlighted earlier.
    If there is please point it out to me.

  2. Because they closed that one too!

  3. The questions were all answered so there was no reason to keep the threads open.

  4. @justcassie,

    I am not staff. I am only a volunteer moderator with no authority to determine whether a site is "mature" or not. I am just a fellow blogger, like you.

    As I noted though, a mature blog does not cross the line into illegallity which would lead to a suspension or deletion. But not being staff, I don't know what specific criteria they use.

    I closed the thread because there is no more we can do for you here in this public forum. I did mark it for staff attention, especially the TOS team who I believe is responsible for whether a blog is really mature or not, as well as determining if a site is in violation of TOS.

  5. @justcassie,

    The most I can say is please be patient for staff to resolve your question.

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